Frekvences pārveidotājs LSIS SV0015IS7-4SP , 1,5KW

ID: 2959

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High Torque Performance and Precise VFD Inverter featuring on strong torque performance and accurate control for general use iS7 generates more powerful performance in terms of V/F control, V/F PG, slip compensation, sensorless vector control, PMSM (Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor) and focuses on user-friendly interface and environment-friendly features including wide graphic LCD keypad, user & macro group support, electro-thermal functions for motor protection, protection for input/output phase Open.

Modelis: SV0015IS7-4SP
Power: 1500 W
Fāžu skaits: 3
Ražotājs: LSIS
Dzinēja jauda: 1.5 kW
Ieejas spriegums: 380...480 (3ph) (-15%...+10%)
Ieejas frekvence: 50/60
Izejas spriegums: 380 ~ 480 3f
Izejas frekvence: 0...400
Izejas strāva: 4
Izejas pilnā jauda: 3
Minimālais pasūtījums: 1
Garantija: 24 mēneši
Izmēri (G/P/A): 150x200x284 mm