DPS 600B-48-2 (PSC1)

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The DPS 600B – 48 – 2 19" power supply system is designed for various applications It contains up to 2 rectifiers DPR 600B- 48 or DPR 300B-48, AC- and DC-connections, battery connection and power system controller. These features together with the very short depth are the key factors for the success of this power system, offering cost-effective and reliable solutions.

This compact and high density power supply system is the perfect choice for space-critical locations

 General features

  • 19" / 1U shelf power system up to 1200 W

  • High power density

  • Very short depth. Fits into 300 mm deep ETSI cabinets

  • Fan cooled rectifiers DPR 600B-48 or DPR 300B-48

  • Integrated power distribution

  • Easy installation

  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 44.45 x 430 x 280 mm


  • Digital subscriber line (DSL)

  • Transmission

  • PBX

  • Wireless base stations, Telecommunications, GSM networks

Modelis: DPS 600B-48-2
Ražotājs: Delta Electronics
Aktīvā jauda: 1.2 kW
Minimālais pasūtījums: 1
Garantija: 24 mēneši
Izmēri (G/P/A): 280x430x44 mm